🎉Adriana Leigh was honoured to have been invited to speak on her experiences as a “recovering” lawyer and the ALG Consulting approach on the Transforming Trauma podcast!

Previous interviewees include Gabor Maté, Bayo Akomolafe and others.

Highlights include:

👉Adriana’s experiences with bullying from older men as a young woman lawyer.

👉How working in human rights law, discrimination and harassment prevention exposed her to folks dealing with various forms of trauma, and pushed her to examine her own need for healing.

👉How these experiences inspired the development of the ALG holistic approach to sexual harassment prevention, equity and empowerment.

👉How ALG works with clients to create a culture of awareness and build people skills, rather than focusing on punitive policies.

👉The ALG 4-R model: regulate, recognize, respond, reflect.

❤️Gratitude to Brad Kammer and the Complex Trauma Training Center for this opportunity. Tune in and let us know your thoughts!

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