How do I book a workshop?

Fill out this brief assessment form!

The ALG approach offers an alternative to cookie cutter “gender 101” pre-designed trainings; the approach is customized, collaborative and action-focused, drawing on facilitation expertise. This assessment we help us will determine the best learning solution and tailoring for your needs.

How long are workshops? 

ALG offers a variety of customized workshop options, and facilitated sessions, keynotes, and inspiring, interactive presentations that provide best practice tips and strategies for teams to develop gender equitable relations and inclusive behaviours.

Generally, ALG full workshops deal with sensitive subject matter and will require a minimum of two-two and a half hours to build safety, trust, and to allow space for practical group work to apply learning. The ALG 2022-2023 workshop catalogue is available upon request.

ALG offers shorter options including:

  • Complementary bite-size behaviour-based microlearning and debrief sessions and/or presentations ranging from one-three hours.
  • Presentations of one to one and a half hours are a special ALG offering: a customized, abbreviated version of workshops. Presentations offer opportunities for larger audiences to build awareness, and identify problematic behaviour, and steps they can take to better prevent and respond to sexual and gender-based harassment, and build cultures of respect at work. They are offered on an as needed basis, in consideration of each organizational context.

What is included in workshops?

I offer a workshop + service! All workshops generally include:  

  • A workshop needs assessment
  • Personalized and collaborative workshop development and delivery
  • Post workshop evaluation
  • Certificate of completion

Advanced workshops also include:

  • Participant action planning
  • Post workshop report with customized follow up recommendations

How much notice do you require to book a workshop/presentation or other service?

I generally require 6 weeks’ notice.  

How does pricing work?

My pricing works on a scale depending on factors including the nature of work, sector, budget, timing, length of the work and expertise required. Costs are generally provided holistically per project as opposed to a daily or hourly rate. 

Costs start at $2,500 for a one-hour facilitated sessions/presentation.

I aim to strike a balance between providing accessible services to organizations with limited resources, while ensuring fair compensation, something I believe is important for folks doing equity work.

Do you provide legal advice? 

While I specialize in recommending good practices in my areas of expertise, and have practiced discrimination and harassment law, I no longer provide legal advice for specific situations, but would be happy to refer you to my network of legal experts.

Do you conduct investigations? 

No, while I have in the past, the focus of my work is on prevention and response. I am well-networked internationally to provide referrals to excellent gender and PSHEA experts that I trust.

Do you conduct gender or safeguarding audits?

In terms of safeguarding, I specialize in developing workplace and organizational sexual violence policies with a focus on how to support survivors, reporting processes, training and creating good practice guides for the development sector. 

I do not generally conduct full safeguarding audits. I am well-networked internationally to provide referrals to excellent gender and PSHEA experts that I trust.

Do you provide anti-racism training?

While my work touches on building inclusive and psychologically safe workplaces, with regards to diversity and inclusion, my expertise lies in intersectional gender equity and gender-based violence prevention.

I do not offer anti-racism workshops, however, through my partnership with Learning Snippets, ALG can refer you to evidence and behaviour-based DEI micro-learning on various topics, including respect in the workplace co-created with ALG, in addition to inclusivity 101, anti-black racism and inclusive leadership and more, vetted through subject matter experts with lived experience.