ALG’s 4 Rs© model helps employees and leaders proactively respond, rather than react.

Traditional approaches to sexual harassment & respect in the workplace focus on how to interrupt problematic behaviour or what NOT to do. The ALG approach goes further.

We help teams apply policies to relationships with colleagues, developing the awareness and relational capacity needed to build a positive, consensual and respectful culture.

ALG’s unique 4 Rs© model helps employees and leaders to proactively and mindfully prevent and respond, rather than react, to complaints and problematic behaviour, and build capacity to support colleagues and survivors.

ALG offers an alternative to cookie cutter “gender or DEI 101” pre-designed trainings. ALG works with you in a way that is customized, collaborative, and action-focused.

Throughout our work, we integrate a trauma-informed approach. We equally acknowledge the complexity of human experience based on our different identities including, but not limited to our race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, social and economic locations, and different abilities. We are all more than one thing.

The ALG approach will inspire you to act on new knowledge from a place of hope, inspiration, empowerment and connection.

Circular process with arrows illustrating the ALG 4R model: Regulate, Recognize, Respond, Reflect

Three principles guide ALG’s approach

Photo on a white background of a shape of a multi-coloured tree, when you look closely it is made up of people

Experiential and empowering

The focus is on knowledge-building, learning by doing and capacity-building. This approach has been proven to build trust, confidence, and inclusive relational skills.


All work is customized to ensure the best fit for the end user, and in considering that the equity and inclusion journey is not one size fits all.


ALG collaborates with you to personalize and co-create solutions with clients.