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Adriana draws on a unique blend of 19+ years of diverse global experience as a workplace human rights lawyer and facilitator in gender equality, the prevention of sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment, and gender-based violence prevention and diversity and inclusion. She has vast experience working nationally and internationally with the United Nations, universities as well as the non-profit and private sector.

Prior to her consulting work, Adriana spent several years as a human rights lawyer specializing in workplace discrimination and sexual harassment and taught Women and the Law at the University of Ottawa. Adriana previously held the position of Director, Organizational Wellness at Homewood Health, developing workplace solutions in areas including gender diversity, sexual harassment, and workplace mental health. In addition, she worked with Equitas – International Centre for Human Rights Education leading development of gender equality action planning and international guidelines and protocols to prevent sexual and gender-based violence.

On International’s Women’s Day 2021, Adriana was honoured to be featured by World Pulse in the article: “Her Story Makes History: 21 Women Leaders to Watch in 2021” and in 2022, to be included on the list of Brainz Magazine’s 7 Female Entrepreneurs and How they are Changing the World, to have received a CREA Global Award 2022 and CREA Global Award 2023 honouring individuals who are paving the way in sustainability and mental health, and receive a Digital Changemaker Award as one of the World Pulse 50 Rising Voices, recognizing 50 leaders who are shaping our future.

Adriana is from Montreal, hailing from a long line of progressive Ashkenazi Jewish social entrepreneurs, which she channels in her work. She is both creative and analytical, an ambivert, who loves dancing to 80’s music and leverages her neurodivergence as a strength and a superpower. In her free time, you can find her fawning over Maya, the family dog, doing yoga or meditating and on walks, so many walks, in rain, shine or snow.

Professional Path

  • Working as a human rights lawyer in workplace discrimination and sexual harassment at the Ontario Human Rights Legal Support Centre
  • Teaching Women and the Law, University of Ottawa
  • Working with international organizations including UN Women, UNFPA, UNV and UNICEF
  • Organizational gender equality policy and strategy and training development/delivery with Equitas – International Centre for Human Rights Education
  • Working as Director, Organizational Wellness at Homewood Health
  • Fluent in English, French and Spanish

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