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Many of you have inquired on my approach/services, thank you for reaching out.

On that note, here is some bonus information on what I do, how and why I do it.

We know workplaces continue to struggle with sexual harassment, violence and discrimination. So many are grappling with how to build inclusion and belonging. We have also seen a mass exodus of women from traditional workplaces.

Traditional approaches have focused on checking boxes, and telling folks what NOT to do.

I know from experience, and being a lawyer working with victims, these approaches have not worked.

I also know this first-hand as a survivor, and neurodivergent woman, having experienced institutions that reacted, rather than responded.

We need a new approach.

The new world of work can’t wait.

This is what I do.

I help organizations with reporting policies, processes, training and thought leadership on how to prevent and respond to sexual harassment and violence, and build more respect at work.

My services range from policy and reporting mechanisms review and development, to workplace respect and harassment prevention training, and include unique implementation coaching and case consults to reinforce good practices and address “pain points.”

ALG uses a unique human, heart-centred and trauma-informed approach.

The ALG 3 Cs and 4 Rs© model takes off where more traditional approaches end, helping both employees and leaders learn to respond, rather than react to complaints and problematic behaviour.

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A virtual ALG “Building a Culture of Respect” training

These are just some of the issues I have supported teams with:

–      Subtle manifestations of gender bias; folks taking credit for women’s work, speaking over, condescension etc.

–      Helping managers respond more supportively/create better policies and processes for complaints of sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment (SEAH), workplace harassment or discrimination

–      Global, diverse, cross-gender teams in need of common language/guidelines on what respect looks and feels like

–      Harassing behaviours; sharing and commenting on photos of colleagues, unwanted comments about appearance, homophobic. transphobic, sexual assault “jokes” ✋(hint: NOT funny)

 –   Non-consensual behaviour at workplace “celebrations”, not taking “no” for an answer: e.g.: “come on,  I know you want to dance with me…”

–   Integration of an intersectional DEI lens into gender equity work and harassment prevention

Have you experienced any of these “pain points”?

Do you want to build a safer, respectful and more inclusive culture?

Then I would love to hear from you. You can also learn more about ALG services here!

Please do share this piece with anyone in your network who may benefit.

Until we meet, take care of yourselves, and each other.