Hi folks!

I am honoured to have received a Brainz Magazine CREA Global Award this year!

It has been 4+ years of ALG Consulting.

Those of you who know me know that this journey comes with bumps, tears, intention setting (and re-setting!) while always trying to follow my inner spark, purpose and passion.

Working outside the box, starting a social impact consultancy that works at the intersections of workplace sexual violence and harassment prevention, PSHEA, DEIB and gender equity, and well-being at work, while bringing my own experience as a survivor to the table doesn’t have a pre-defined path. Being neurodivergent (HSP/SPS) has been a gift that has fueled me to break silos in gender equity conversations in unique ways.

But, of course, some days I wonder, should I go back into the box? Go back to working for one organization?

In light of this, recognition for taking leadership in social change projects and innovative vision in advancing gender equality, diversity and inclusion is welcome! Thank you Brainz Magazine!

I have mixed feelings about “awards.” I know many folks that are not seen for their crucial everyday contributions. At the same time, I want to share this honour with my network, and model for other women and non-binary folks that we can and should be proud of our accomplishments, and share our unique voice and gifts with the world.

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