Hi folks,

In 2021, we know that SEA is still a problem that continues to be underreported and unaddressed. We need new approaches if we truly wish to see its eradication from our humanitarian and development operations. InterAction has undertaken a complete updating and revisioning of its PSEA Basics Training Guide, which I was honoured to pilot this summer in French this summer as part of Cooperation Canada’s Canadian Centre of Expertise on PSEA (DIGNA) PSEA Summer School.

It was a pleasure to speak at the launch on my experience of facilitating these new materials, and share lessons learned and good practices.

The 2021 version of InterAction’s PSEA training material adds value to existing content in the sector in two special ways: 1) by placing an emphasis on the role that power dynamics play in the perpetration of sexual violence and 2) by offering tangible ways that humanitarian aid and development practitioners can safely and effectively prevent the occurrence of SEA at an individual level through active bystander intervention and at an organizational level through safe recruitment, selection, and programming practices.

They can be found here: https://www.interaction.org/blog/launching-interactions-psea-training-package/