Like many, I have tried to limit social media exposure around the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard case. In overhearing and reading commentary, I was called to write.

How we speak about this and other cases have real-life impacts that will silence victims from speaking up.

In my new article in Brainz Magazine, I provide crucial tips to keep mind when discussing this case with loved ones, on social media, or with colleagues including:

1. The number of reported cases of sexual violence and abuse is staggeringly low, as is the number of false allegations.

2. Sexual violence and abuse myths are rampant.

3. Countless (non-celebrity) survivors face barriers to disclosing sexual violence and abuse.

4. We need to generate options for accountability and healing for both abusers and abused.

5. Discussions and jokes about sexual assault and domestic violence have real-life consequences.

Please read and share with colleagues, loved ones and anyone who may benefit.

One verdict does not negate the movement that is #metoo and the reality of sexual violence. Support survivors during this challenging time.