Hi folks, as I ease back into work, it feels like kismet to share with you my recent interview with Canadian HR Reporter on intentional #diversityequityinclusionbelonging practices, and connecting #deib to #wellbeing.

A few key points I highlighted:

1) Intentional planning: The importance of intentional (rather than reactive) planning
2) Focus on more than numbers: Dig into qualitative stock taking of how people experience the workplace, not just numbers
3) Training is not the end goal: training should be part of a continuous learning journey
4) The importance of communication: The importance of training on #psychologicalsafety and inclusive communication to bring policies to life
2) Breaking silos: between #wellbeing and #equity in the #newworldofwork

How are you approaching equity and inclusion in your work with intention?

Until we meet, take care of yourselves, and each other.

See the full story here.