💪 Today is #internationalwomensday2023.

I have mixed feelings about these “one days” when so many of us work all year round.

Some of us are tired today, like myself nursing a migraine and need a rest:). I often feel compelled to post, and yet know that this work continues tirelessly for so many of us. Is this you too?

So today, on #internationalwomensday, I send a note to the women and experiences we often do not honour enough:
💖I see you, the #women who are not able to rest and care for your #wellbeing
💙I see you, the women living with chronic pain
🧡I see you, the women who are taking care of theirs and other people’s children
💚I see you, the women in workplaces afraid to speak up or name harassment
💜I see you, the survivors who have spoken up and are making space for the rest of us
💛….and yes, I see you, the women who just need rest and don’t feel like posting today!

How are you honouring International Women’s Day in your own way?

Today I am hanging with Maya, here we are:)