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What a year it has been! As the holidays approach, I reflect on where all the dedicated people and organizations I have worked alongside on their journey towards building gender-based violence free and inclusive organizations and communities. A BIG THANK YOU goes to all ALG clients, emerging connections, supporters and followers! I share with you

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Prevent Sexual Harassment, Exploitation and Abuse: 5 Good Practices

Is your organization grappling with the prevention of sexual exploitation, harassment, and abuse (PSHEA)? Read my 5 recommendations on good practices to follow, stemming from the recent report of the Independent Commission on the Review of the Allegations of Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Made against WHO staff in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). While there

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Building Back Better: the 3Cs: Care, Compassion and Courage

Hi folks, this thought piece was first published on World Pulse, and independent women-led social network for social change. Accounts of violence against women continue to fill our news feeds. Recently, in North America we are seeing sympathy for a man arrested for the murder of seven women, six of whom were Asian, diverting the

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