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This article was first published on the ALG linked in newsletter, which you can subscribe to here. Many of you have inquired on my approach/services, thank you for reaching out. On that note, here is some bonus information on what I do, how and why I do it. We know workplaces continue to struggle with

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New Video! Roundtable on including Sexual Harassment in the Prevention of Sexual Violence in International Development

I had the the pleasure of moderating this timely roundtable on March 17, 2022, entitled: "For a more effective strategy in the fight against sexual violence: sexual harassment, a form of violence that should be prevented in international cooperation." This event highlighted the different realities and issues experienced by international cooperation/development organizations and their partners

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New Article! Why we Need a Heart-Centred Approach to Respect in the Workplace

The diversity, equity, and inclusion, sexual harassment and respect in the workplace landscape has shifted dramatically. Old approaches to tackling issues of sexual harassment and building workplace respect were rooted in a “compliance-centred” approach. This status quo is no longer an option. We need a new approach that is more heart and human-centred to transform

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Prevent Sexual Harassment, Exploitation and Abuse: 5 Good Practices

Is your organization grappling with the prevention of sexual exploitation, harassment, and abuse (PSHEA)? Read my 5 recommendations on good practices to follow, stemming from the recent report of the Independent Commission on the Review of the Allegations of Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Made against WHO staff in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). While there

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