Resource Launch! Supporting Survivors of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

Rameesha Qazi and I have the pleasure of presenting the new Digna - The Canadian Centre of Expertise on the Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse resource we worked on: “Supporting survivors of sexual exploitation and abuse: A how-to guide for creating support resources.” When: On Wednesday, June 8 from 1 to 3 pm ET.

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New Video! 10 Women Changemakers from our #dontmakemechoose Campaign

Last March 8th, on International Women's Day, Adriana Leigh G. - ALG Consulting started the #dontmakemechoose campaign, aimed at sharing the stories of different women from around the globe and the various parts that make them the inspiring women that they are! May 13 was the last series of 10 posts featuring these amazing women

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Building Back Better: the 3Cs: Care, Compassion and Courage

Hi folks,  as we move into a new world of work and beyond, I share this thought piece that was first published on World Pulse, and independent women-led social network for social change. Accounts of violence against women continue to fill our news feeds. Recently, in North America we have seen sympathy for a man

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New Video! Roundtable on including Sexual Harassment in the Prevention of Sexual Violence in International Development

I had the the pleasure of moderating this timely roundtable on March 17, 2022, entitled: "For a more effective strategy in the fight against sexual violence: sexual harassment, a form of violence that should be prevented in international cooperation." This event highlighted the different realities and issues experienced by international cooperation/development organizations and their partners

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Adriana Leigh: One of 7 Female Entrepreneurs Changing The World: Brainz Magazine

On International Women's Day 2022,  Brainz magazine celebrated the fact that women are the driving force to build back better and move the world into a new era.  I was honoured to be included on their list this year of 7 female entrepreneurs changing the world! I am in amazing company with a list of

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Support and Amplify our Campaign ‒ “Don’t Make Me Choose Between The Different Parts Of Myself!”

As we enter Women’s History month, I reflect how women are often faced to hide or choose between different parts of ourselves, for our own safety, employment or to remain accepted by our communities or families. This year, ALG is running a campaign to showcase a series of women changemakers entitled "Don't make me choose

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New Article! Why we Need a Heart-Centred Approach to Respect in the Workplace

The diversity, equity, and inclusion, sexual harassment and respect in the workplace landscape has shifted dramatically. Old approaches to tackling issues of sexual harassment and building workplace respect were rooted in a “compliance-centred” approach. This status quo is no longer an option. We need a new approach that is more heart and human-centred to transform

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Supporting Women’s Well-being at Work

Women have faced disproportionate pressures during the COVID-19 pandemic, whether it be home-schooling children, caring for family members, and/or taking on additional emotional labour. How can employers better support the well-being of women during this time? Read my new article as Executive Contributor at Brainz magazine for key tips you can bring to your team

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After #metoo: Training the Military on Sexual Harassment

During the #16Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, I was honoured to be invited by UN Women Georgia to present to security partners, including the შინაგან საქმეთა სამინისტრო / Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia and the Ministry of Defense during their training to build on and support their prevention of sexual harassment work. This

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Intimate Partner Violence and COVID-19 in the New World of Work

More than ever, we need to reimagine the world of work, and this includes how employers can build more safety and well-being for women. I was honoured to present and co-create a session on employer obligations for intimate partner violence in the new world of work, along with expert panelists and practitioners at a UN

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